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Pinshape.com is an online marketplace for 3D printing designs. It features a wide range of 3D printable products, from toys and gadgets to jewelry and home decor. The selection includes 3D printing files from designers all around the world, as well as 3D models from popular 3D printing brands. The site also offers tutorials, tips, and advice on 3D printing and design.

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3D Printed V-Slot NEMA 17 offset mounting plate by Dave M
Yoshi Trophy with custom supports
Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range (Terminator)
3D Printed R/C Helicopter Rear Rotor Blade by rebeltaz
3D Printed Garden hose venturi pump by jeremygreen
3D Printed Carbon Tube Motor Mount by MikeyB
3D Printed Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad by joker17
3D Printed 3D filament holder wall mount by 3Designplanet
3D Printed Baymax by polysculpture
The Better Mouse Trap (for a 3D Printer!)
lexus rc f gt3 steering wheel
3D Printed Tiny 3D Pacman Fridge Magnets by blecheimer
3D Printed Wolf head by kovalev14
3D Printed Pyramid Clamp for Spherical object. by Cadiaan
3D Printed Track for toy models by CosplayItemsRock
3D Printed Fallout 4 Mini Nuke by Hugh_is_n3rd
Julius Caesar Pencil Holder - 3D Printed et tu, plumbum?
3D Printed Label Slider - (NES) by Techtek
3D Printed Dragonfang Valkyrie's Sword by Jonathan Bowen
3D Printed Living Ship | No Man's Sky by alexndefo
3D Printed Spaceballs Chest Bursting Alien by Threefer
Starfleet Hand Phaser from Star Trek Picard TV series
3D Printed Box with lid for bolts and nuts by Mauro Cocco
3D Printed titanic by Mao
3D Printed Princess Leia Slave scene Lithophane by rebeltaz
3D Printed Command Strip Shelf by adiehm7
3D Printed Bunny by bchan
3D Printed Box for xy-502 (sound amplifier) by Rodion.K
3D printable 20th Century Studios logo
Super composite sword from Shadow Fight 2
3D Printed Lithophane Light Box / Frame for 120mm
3D Printed Foldable drone frame (Mavic look like, body &
3D Printed Jeep 4x6 adapter by AaronH15241
3D Printed Sith Stalker Lightsaber Star Wars by killonious
3D Printed Miraculous container box by Vexelius
3D Printed Simple Guy Fawkes Mask by Tiger M. Cho
3D Printed 2 by 4 Lego Brick by odragon
3D Printed Slimline Utility blade holder by trygve_koren
Death trooper blaster rifle E-11D
Life size Citipati (Oviraptor) skull Part 2/2
3D Printed Stacking Sieve Set by Taikonaught
Intel LGA 775 Heatsink CPU 92mm Fan adapter for Case ...
3D Printed Mini Vertical Wind Turbine by Mike Blakemore
3D Printed Lego Train curved Rack by TheGoofy
3D Printed SPEAKER SYSTEM - SPHERE by Yurii Drapak
3D Printed Kreisel tank filter kit by tsuyo
3D Printed Big Ben by MakeALot
3D Printed 5MM LED lamp holder by Mikey8567
3D Printed Evil Teletubby by bejibo
3D Printed PACK 20 AMONG US by roman melnikov
3D Printed The Cube Deck Box - Top Loader, 60+20 ...
3D Printed 3D Drum key by dSASQUATCH707
3D Printed AXO - Action Figure by Tony D
3D Printed LEGO Plate - 2X2 by VLAD-MARIUS
3D Printed Nvidia Shield TV Stand basement by Eolus
3D Printed Fire Lord headpiece by Dany Sanchez
Radial Engine Dummy for RC Planes 9 Cylinder
the mandalorian / deluxe blaster 3d model kit w display base
3D Printed m249 box inner part by anton kozlov
Matrix of Leadership from movie Transformers 2
3D Printed CZ DUAL MAG HOLSTER by Christian Arnø
3D Printed GE Logo (General Electric) by Lycan004
3D Printed Monaco F1 track by robinhuman
3D Printed Secret Stash Box by James_Sabatino
3D Printed Crushed Coffee cup by DEEP FRI3D
3D Printed Giant Lego Yoda by Matthew Kirby
3D Printed Print-in-Place KILLBOT mini v2.1 by Joe Joe
3D Printed display ST7735 box arduino by Lele
3D Printed Mesh Elephant by Skazok
3D Printed water pump by bulgakova.tanya
3D Printed Sad Kyshtym dwarf by ahnenerbe-prim
3D Printed Baby Groot Bomb Remote Remix by dito
Universal multipurpose phone stand for desk
gopro mount for dye i4 airsoft/paintball mask
3D Printed Catedral de Burgos by Mundo Friki 3D
3D Printed Thank You Stamp by Zach Frew
3D Printed The Black Man Meme by fabio_rizzo
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Gatling ...
Kossel / Delta Effector with Auto Level
3D Printed Steam Controller Stand with Logo by Cuitlahac
3D Printed Mini missile model by Thurbolt
3D Printed Fortnite pickup truck car vehicle by TomasTN
3D Printed Support socle xbox series x by criolio
3D Printed Winged Lion by kovalev14
3D Printed Cylindrical Dessicant Box by Dralion
3D Printed Unicorn - Low Poly / Voronoi by HanJo 3D
3D Printed Dark Scythe by kijai
3D Printed Whatsapp Black Man Meme by ilcorsaro92
3D Printed Faceless - Spirited Away CHIBI by Taiced3D
3D Printed Patio 3 items, couch, sofa by benymax2
rav 4 toyota hinge armrest console part
3D Printed Niko Bellic - GTA IV by no-ok_ok-no
Multipurpose Pneumatic Grip Assistance (MPGA)
Modular macro flash diffuser (for Laowa 25mm)
3D Printed Vsr Trigger guard by martin_lund1
3D Printed Spooky Eric Cartman Figurine by richard_swika