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MyMiniFactory offers a variety of 3D printable models and designs for free, including 3D printed toys, gadgets, miniatures, jewelry, home and office accessories, and more. The site also offers a premium membership that unlocks exclusive collections, discounts, and access to exclusive 3D printing materials. Additionally, MyMiniFactory has a marketplace where users can buy and sell 3D printable designs.

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3D Printed Minis ▷ DnD Miniatures for Tabletop RPGs
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Stratation Design
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Flesh of Gods @fleshofgods
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Goon Master @GoonMasterGames
RG Sculpt @RGsculpt
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Draco Studios @Lair
clynche art
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2nd Dynasty @2ndDynasty
3D Printed Jewellery ▷ Ideas for 3D Printable ...
Jukka Seppänen @kijai
Leonardo Escovar @printnpaintminiatures
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Crippled God Foundry @crippledgodfoundry
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Tri Fin Studio @TriFinStudio
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