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Blendswap.com is a website that offers a wide variety of 3D models, textures, materials, and other resources for use in Blender, a 3D modeling software. The website features a library of over 50,000 free 3D models, textures, materials, and other assets for users to download and use in their projects. The library includes a variety of categories such as characters, environments, furniture, plants, vehicles, and more. Additionally, the website also offers a marketplace where users can purchase premium 3D models and assets from other creators.

Top Links

Blend Swap | Home
Blend Swap | Krystal
Procedural Nebula
Add-on: Shapekey Slider Driver
water/underwater shader preview v0.99
Mario Starz Fan Art
Blend Swap | Victorian Style House
Blend Swap | Mario's Kart
All Blends
Blend Swap | Diamond Collection and Materials
Blend Swap | Procedural Material Pack
Sintel Cycles
Blend Swap | Bedroom With Cycles
Blend Swap | Realistic grass
Derelict Public Restroom
Saturn 5 Launch Vehicle *Update 1
Gumball Watterson Rigged(AWOG)
High Poly Teeth And Gums
Blend Swap | Bedford TK truck
Cycles OSL toon shader setup
Wolf Rigged Animated and Game Ready
Horten Ho IX (Gotha Go 229)
Frazer Nash Super Sport 1929
Quad Ball for Sphere like sub-d modeling
The Smiler Alton Towers Roller Coaster Car (Unrigged)
Knee/Elbow IK Rig for BodyChan/BodyKun
RoR main character - rig
Simple Persian Style Rug
Blend Swap | Gray Alien
Blend Swap | Cycles Wire frame Shader
Rigged Man With Walk Cycle
White Glint
Desert Scene
Blend Swap | Manned sci fi Rover
Blend Swap | Book Animation
Peace (pixelart texture)
Blend Swap | Saxon warrior
Star Wars Intro Crawl Template
Procedural Fabric Normal Map
Blend Swap | Eiffel Tower
Miscanthus, Maiden Grass, Chinaschilf
Barrett 50 cal Sniper Rifle
SkyTech City Spaceport Planet Texture V1.0
Cycles glass dispersion
Rayman - Request for ThePixelDude
Blend Swap | Cinema Toilet
Character Modeling TEMPLATE
Doctor who #10,Game model "Request for DragonWhisperer"
Simple round tables
Car suspension rig
Dancing Olaf!
Electrolux Z65 Fan Art
Blend Swap | New York City apartment building
Blend Swap | Rigged book
Star Wars: Executor Class Star Destroyer
Blend Swap | Low Poly Fox
planet with asteroid belt
Normandy Ship - SR2 Fan Art
CGC Classic: Low Poly Character with Skull Helmet
Face Rig
Blend Swap | Fully rigged character
Steven Universe Ukulele [Rigged] Fan Art
Minecraft Character (Robot in some sort of armor) Fan Art
Round objects for sci-fi
Blend Swap | Raccoon Anime Style
Star Wars: Gozanti-Class Cruiser
Book Rig (Full)
Mechanical Creature
Better Than Nothing Basic Trim Panels (texture only)
Animated Calendar
Geo Nodes crowd scene
Blend Swap | Lada 1200
M1 Abrams on TABS
The Master Sword
charch 2
Flight of the Navigator - Trimaxian Drone Ship
Zootopia car Fan Art
Living/TV Room Study
Generated Books (Geometry Nodes)
Wild West Saloon
Deadmau5 Head
Larry the Cucumber Rig
Toggle Object Wire - Blender Addon
geometric Rocks Pack Light
Low poly girl
Newton's cradle animated
Triplanar mapping - automatic seamless UV material for ...
Human low poly game character
Hamburgers LowPoly
Leduc 022
Peppa Pig in Swimsuit Rig
Lancer from Gears Of War
Blend Swap | Low poly Character